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About Us

Who We Are

Public Sector Direct (www.publicsectordirect.org) is a website that provides a comprehensive information service to help keep you up to date on the topics that matter as a public sector employee.

Public Sector Direct includes thousands of regularly updated articles and up to the minute news. There are also hundreds of thousands of products across multiple categories that you can purchase, often at discounted prices.

The site also offers hundreds of videos, interactive tools and listings that allow you to compare professional services from the financial, legal and other sectors.

The Public Sector Direct service has been at the heart of many innovative digital developments over the past 7 years, often collaborating with our technology partners to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our communication.

We are an open and transparent organisation and provide full information regarding our partners, objectives, plans and policies.

What We Do

We run the portal to support the 5 million plus public sector workers throughout the United Kingdom.
The public sector is connected to every single person living in the UK.“The army and police keep us safe from threats both at home and from abroad.The NHS brings new life into the world and keeps us healthy in times of illness or emergency.”
“Our children are nurtured and educated by teachers and lecturers, and if we want to get from A to B the public sector supports the transport infrastructure that helps businesses, people and goods move around by cars, lorries, buses, trains. planes and even bicycle.”
None of these services and systems can be delivered without the fabric that holds everything together –  the local government and civil service.

  We offer a facility to employees of the public sector where they can comment on work related topics with like minded co-workers without the concern of censorship or reprisals.

The Public Sector & Local Business – Supporting One Another

The UK public sector is the largest consumer block within the EU comprising a work force of over 5 million people. We encourage local businesses to partner with us and support our vast community providing exclusive offers and discounts that they or their immediate family can take advantage of. The kind support from local businesses encourages our members to reciprocate by choosing to purchase and consume our partners products and services over and above other local competitors who may be closer but who choose not to support the public sector by way of discounts or offers.

Our Mission Statement

“Support, Inform & Educate”

If you can’t see a local business or supplier in our directory who you think would be keen to support public sector workers by way of a special offer or discount then let us know by clicking here

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