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Insurance jargon explained

| Financial Advice, PPI Mis-selling | November 6, 2012

insurance-jargon The different types of insurance, and the terms used to sell insurance, can sometimes cause confusion. This glossary of common terms may prove useful when researching different insurance types.

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Claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI

| PPI Mis-selling, Public Sector Blog | October 30, 2012

mis-selling-ppi In April 2011, the High Court ordered banks to pay back up to £4.5 billion in compensation to consumers over the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI). You could have been mis-sold PPI in a number of ways. The most obvious of these are cases where people have been sold insurance when they had no chance of claiming on it. For example, if you were not working for any reason at the time you took out the insurance, you would not have been able to make a claim.

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Which Companies Can You Claim PPI Refunds From?

| PPI Mis-selling, Public Sector Blog | October 30, 2012


Loans with PPI

Have you taken out a secured loan, unsecured loan or hire purchase (HP) agreement in the last 10 years?

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Barclays set aside £2bn to compensate customers wrongly sold PPI

| PPI Mis-selling, Public Sector Blog | October 29, 2012

Barclays The scale of the payment protection insurance mis-selling scandal was ratcheted up again on Thursday when Barclays set aside another £700m to cover the cost of claims, taking its bill to £2bn.

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Payment Protection Insurance

| PPI Mis-selling, Public Sector Blog | October 24, 2012

PPI-Claim Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a product designed to cover outstanding debt such as loans, credit cards and store cards should you become unable to meet the payments due to accident, sickness or redundancy.

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Payment Protection Insurance Explained

| PPI Mis-selling, Public Sector Blog, Videos | October 23, 2012

In this video, an expert explains Payment Protection Insurance and how you may have potentially been mis-sold the product.

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