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Local Authority News

Local Authority News

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One in four children in care get no notice of change of home

Watchdog raises concerns over separation of siblings in care and describes moving children’s homes a ‘worrying’ situation

Will Cameron’s speech on funding only be fit for the box-office kings?

David Cameron is set to call for UK lottery funding to go to films with big box-office potential. But what will that mean for small-scale, independent cinema?

Cameron accused of putting NHS on sale over plans for life sciences

Private companies could get access to NHS patient records under Cameron’s plans to increase collaboration with industry

Are the plans in the chancellor’s Autumn statement fair?

The chancellor has announced a further pay freeze in the public sector, cuts to tax credits and a scrapping of the fuel duty rise. Who are the winners and who are the losers?

Headteachers vote for strike action over pensions

Thousands of schools likely to close after NAHT members vote to strike for first time in union’s 114-year history

Unison members vote to strike over pensions

Public sector workers set to walk out on 30 November as government and union bosses row over 29% ballot turnout

Crossrail delays £16bn train manufacturing contract

The move reduces the chances of a repeat of the Bombardier row, where its Derby factory missed out to a German rival for the £1.4bn Thameslink contract

Student tuition fees protests

• Heavy police presence, little trouble as thousands march
• Only 20 arrests, although some students criticise police
• Attempt to ‘occupy’ Trafalgar Square foiled by Met
• Billy Bragg and others play live at St Paul’s
Student protests: today’s key events

‘Cash crisis’ threatens future of London fire service.

Firefighters raise fears over financial problems at debt-laden company that owns engines and equipment

Cost of English riots much higher than first thought.

Initial findings of Metropolitan police review put claims for loss and damage in London alone as high as £300m

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