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NHS News

NHS News

Are you looking for the latest NHS (National Health Service) news?

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NHS will collapse without reforms, Andrew Lansley warns

Health secretary says he doesn’t care about ‘attacks’ by health professionals, the NHS must change to avert crisis

Save our NHS rally: thousands march in health bill protest

Thousands of nurses, midwives, doctors, physiotherapists, and other NHS workers are thought to have attended the rally

MPs consider plan to give anti-abortion groups role in pregnancy counselling

Cross-party group considers letting anti-abortion groups offer publicly funded services, despite defeat of similiar move last year

How Cameron’s NHS cheats waiting-list figures

A hospital clerk ordered to lie to patients reveals a rampant culture of deviousness in the NHS that forced her to quit

NHS reforms: Lib Dems try to table emergency motion at spring conference

Opponents of the bill, who helped persuade the government to pause its progress last spring, call for another vote

David Cameron backs Andrew Lansley over NHS reform bill

Prime minister insists health and social care bill will be forced on to statute book despite growing opposition

Cancer drug ‘too expensive for NHS’

Experts call watchdog’s decision on abiraterone a huge blow to men with late-stage prostate cancer

Labour has not accepted all public spending cuts, says Harriet Harman

Labour deputy defends new stance on freezing public sector pay but rejects claim all cuts have been accepted as ‘necessary evil’

Will Cameron’s speech on funding only be fit for the box-office kings?

David Cameron is set to call for UK lottery funding to go to films with big box-office potential. But what will that mean for small-scale, independent cinema?

NHS trust plans alternative to ‘outdated hospital model’

Has North Bristol NHS trust found the answer to providing efficient health and social care after hospital closures?

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